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DMI fabricates all carbon and alloy steel pipe systems including jacketed piping, cement lined and mitered fittings. DMI customarily fabricates steel piping systems for industries such as:

  • Power
  • Refineries
  • Chemical
  • Paper
  • Cement

DMI: Dedicated to Pipe Fabrication Services since 1963

A failsafe pipe fabrication project needs focused expertise that only a specialized enterprise such as DMI Pipe Fabrication can assure. We have been dedicated to fabricating pipes, piping lines, and systems since our foundation in 1963. We have worked with virtually every industry, and the piping materials unique to each. Over the last five decades, we have emerged as a single-point source for pipe and pipe-support fabrication.

Full-Service Pipe Fabrication Services

DMI assures the highest level of precision and code-compliance on the most challenging fabrication projects. We also build a variety of pipe supports.

Jacketed Piping

Jacketed piping requires particular precision in both lay-out and welding. Often used in the refining and process industry, jacketed pipe is a double-walled pipe design pipe in which liquids that are too viscous for pipeline transport at normal temperatures flow through the inner pipe that is surrounded by a pipe circulating hot fluids.

Steam Jacketed Piping

Steam jacketed piping is by far the most common way of conveying molten sulphur throughout a facility. Jacketed piping is basically a pipe within a pipe. Whatever the application, we cut, fit and weld a variety of customer specified steel pipe and fittings to fit any design criteria. Contact DMI with any questions or for any pricing on any jacketed piping applications.

Industries Served by DMI

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